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Eltram sp. Z o. O. Started its activity in May 2013. We deal with the construction of tram and trolleybus traction networks. We also carry out works involving the construction of traction and energy foundations and installation of supporting structures - traction, lighting and energy.


We are authorized to manage construction works in the installation specialty, in the field of electrical and power networks, installations and devices. We can also be proud of our extensive experience in making foundations for traction and power poles with their assembly.


The management staff consists of people with over 10 years of experience in the industry, while our engineers specialize in the implementation of power and traction projects. All employees have the necessary qualifications to perform the tasks entrusted to them. The Eltram team consists of highly qualified engineers:


specialists in the field of tram and trolleybus traction works;

site managers with experience in building tram and trolleybus traction;

specialists in the field of control and installation of tram switch drives.

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